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At T. Reynolds Roofing, LLC we have more than 12 years of experience in the roofing industry and we are a trusted roofing company in Orem, UT. We specialize in a variety of roofing services, including roof repair and metal roofing services, and we are fully licensed and insured to handle all your roofing needs. We are a locally owned and operated company that offers quality workmanship.


“We received the best services we could hope for!”


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  • Our installers are professional, friendly, and efficient

  • We are licensed and insured in Utah for residential and commercial roofing and construction projects

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Honesty, integrity & experience

“Amazingly Quick and Professional”

They have replaced a few in our neighborhood. Talya is so professional and helpful in getting all the permits and everything lined up! I appreciate everything they did to make the process easy!


“We love our new roof”

The whole process was fantastic. The owner, Tayla, was positive and energetic without being pushy. Very professional and open through the whole process. Maintained good communication throughout. The crew worked hard and cleaned up beautifully. I think they made 4 trips around the house with a huge magnet to be sure they picked up any stray nails. I highly recommend them. Oh yea, and the price was very good! Less than we anticipated but it’s obviously a quality job. Thanks T Reynolds roofing.


“Worked overtime!”

They were prompt with the bid and they worked overtime to get our repair done before the big rainstorms hit! They are so knowledgeable about what’s going on with a roof! They were able to tell us why we had leaks when two other companies just shrugged their shoulders and walked away.


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