topside roof deck

The topside roof deck is an incredible place to have a drink and enjoy the view. It features great music, a friendly staff, and tasty cocktails. The atmosphere is hip and trendy. The topside roof deck is adjacent to the mayor’s table restaurant and bar. If you would like to get a drink on the deck, please call ahead!

Ocean view bar

The topside roof deck is the perfect spot for an after dinner cocktail or an evening of live music. The music is upbeat and the staff is friendly, and there is a good selection of cocktails. There is also a restaurant if you want to order something other than drinks. The Ocean View Rooftop Café is just one block from the beach and features breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Oceanside Pier.

Ocean view restaurant

The Ocean View Rooftop Café is an excellent spot for a quick bite. Located one block from the beach, it offers breathtaking views of the ocean and the Oceanside Pier. Reservations are recommended and the menu is limited. However, the rooftop terrace is worth the price for its breathtaking sunset and surf views.