standing seam roof

A standing seam roof is a great option for your house, providing a range of benefits. These include wind resistance, fire resistance, easy installation, and cost.

Wind resistance

Standing seam roofs are a great way to protect your home from extreme weather conditions. The metal panels used in this type of roofing system are specially designed for this purpose. They are made to withstand the pressures of hurricane winds and have a long lifespan.

There are many different ways to improve the wind resistance of a standing seam roof. You can install concealed or exposed fasteners, increase the thickness of the materials, add sealant, or even change the type of roofing.

It is important to use the right roofing material. This is especially true if you live in an area where wind is a problem. A variety of factors can affect the speed of the wind, including the terrain, the shape of your home, and the material of your roof.

One method of increasing the wind resistance of a standing seam roof is through the addition of “External Seam Clamps”. These are small aluminum clamps that are placed over the seams of the roof.

In order to determine how well your panels will perform in high winds, it is a good idea to have them tested. Tests can be conducted in the lab or on a mock up roof.

You can also look into the performance of the metal panels you plan to purchase. Panel manufacturers often have registered structural engineers on their staff, and they will be able to provide guidance about panel specifications.

When you are researching a roof, make sure to look at the uplift rating. This will show you the maximum wind speed your roof can withstand before failure. Your chosen material should also pass appropriate wind tests.

If you are building in a hurricane-prone area, it is essential that your roof withstand the force of the wind. Standing seam metal roofs are more durable in storm force winds, and they can withstand the forces of 150 miles per hour.

For optimal durability, it is recommended that your roof have a 30-degree roof slope. During the construction phase, you can alter the pitch of the roof to ensure your property will remain stable during extreme weather.

Fire resistance

Besides protecting your home from wind and rain, standing seam roofs also offer fire resistance. Standing seam metal is a high-strength metal that’s highly fire-resistant. This is especially important in areas that are susceptible to wildfires.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported approximately 500,000 structure fires in the United States in 2017. It’s estimated that nearly half of that damage is attributed to fire. In addition to causing astronomical property damage, severe weather has led to communities that are less secure and strained by lost resources. Fortunately, there are many products available that can help increase the fire resistance of your roof.

Metal roofing systems are inherently fire resistant because metal doesn’t burn. However, the effectiveness of a roofing system depends on the materials used. To achieve a Class A fire rating, you’ll need to use a non-combustible material that has been tested to the ASTM E-108 standard.

In addition, the material must be able to pass two tests: a Spread of Flame test and a burning brand test. These tests evaluate the flame spread rate over the roof covering and the propensity for the roof covering to generate embers.

While the metal itself is not combustible, the roof sheathing and siding can make the entire structure vulnerable to a fire. For example, a large gap between the roof covering and the sheathing can cause an ember to ignite dry debris. Burned vegetative debris can also ignite soffit, sheathing, and windows.

Because the metal roof is a structural component, it’s important to maintain it throughout the fire season. You’ll need to clean out your gutters of accumulated leaves and other debris and remove any debris from your soffit.

Choosing a metal roof can be a wise investment in your home’s fire protection and curb appeal. Standing seam metal is a strong, durable material that can last for decades. Plus, with financing options, it’s easy to afford.

Regardless of the type of metal roofing material you choose, it’s imperative that you follow the appropriate installation instructions to ensure its maximum fire resistance. If you have questions about a specific product, contact the manufacturer.

Easy installation

Standing seam roofs are a superior metal roofing system for your home. Not only are they durable and weather-resistant, but they’re also sleek and stylish. They also have a lifetime of 75 years or more.

To install a standing seam roof, you’ll need to do some preparation work. Remove old shingles, remove any debris from the roof, and make sure the surface is prepared. Once you’re ready, you can install a standing seam metal roof.

A standing seam roof is made up of a series of smooth panels that are interlocked to form a continuous plane. Unlike other metal roofs, a standing seam system allows for expansion and contraction. This helps the roof last longer, reduces maintenance, and prevents leaks.

When installing a standing seam metal roof, you’ll need to plan out the roof. Start by calculating the length and width of the panels you need. Generally, a standing seam panel is 16″ wide. However, you can choose other sizes if you’d like.

For the most part, you’ll be able to use factory-made panels. These eliminate the need for special crimping equipment on the job site. Factory-made panels also have snap-together seams that are more durable than lap joints.

You’ll also need a high heat ice and water shield underlayment. This type of membrane is best if it’s rubberized. It will act as a second waterproofing barrier while the roof is being installed.

Before starting installation, it’s important to measure the roof’s pitch and install the proper boot for the pipe. The boot should be flexible, but also adjustable. If it’s not, you’ll need to back out all screws to correct the problem.

Next, you’ll need to install starter lock strips at the eaves. These strips keep the standing seam metal panels from flapping or slipping. There are many different types of strips.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from various colors. For example, the Kynar 500 finish protects steel panels from corrosion.

A final step in the installation process is to apply caulk. Using caulk will help to seal nails at the seams, which will prevent leaks.


There are many factors that influence the cost of a standing seam roof. These include the type of metal panel used, its thickness, and the materials required to cover it. The size of the roof also plays a role.

Standing seam roofing is usually installed by an experienced contractor. It needs special tools and expertise to install. As a result, the installation is more expensive than other types of roofing. Most homeowners spend between $18,000 and $41,000 on a new standing seam roof.

While the initial cost of a standing seam roof is higher than other roofing options, the long term costs are lower. This makes it a good investment. In the average climate, a standing seam roof can last at least 50 years.

Metal roofing panels are resistant to damage caused by weather. However, they can be damaged by natural disasters. Because of this, it is important to have them re-coated every 20-30 years.

Choosing the right paint system for your roof is crucial. Certain paint systems, such as Kynar 500, offer a 30-year warranty. Another option is FEVE resins, which are made of various vinyl ethers.

One of the biggest costs of a standing seam roof is the paint finish. If you do not maintain the panels properly, they may need to be re-coated.

Another factor that can impact the cost of a standing seam roof is the color. There are many different colors to choose from. Lighter colors are cooler and less likely to affect your energy bills. Several popular colors require extra materials.

Other factors that can drive the price of a standing seam roof up are the quality of the material and the labor cost. Installations on larger homes or premium materials will cost more.

When looking at the cost of a standing seam roof, it is important to consider all of the factors. The best thing to do is to get several quotes and compare them. A few pros in your area should be able to give you a better idea. Getting a quote will include the cost of material, labor, and delivery.