roof replacement cost

If you are looking to replace your roof, you’ve got a lot of options. You can opt for rubber shingles, slate, cedar shakes, and Spanish tiles. Each of these comes with different benefits and varying price points, which means that it’s important to get a good idea of what’s available before committing to a new roof.

Rubber shingles

Rubber shingles are among the longest-lasting roofing products available. They last up to seventy years, and they’re made from recyclable materials. They also provide superior wind and hail resistance. They’re easier to install than asphalt roofing, and they’re more affordable. But they can’t be the answer to all your roof problems.

For some people, rubber shingles seem like an unappealing alternative to traditional asphalt shingles. But if you’re able to find a reputable brand, they can be a great choice. They’re resistant to UV rays, they’re more durable, and they’re eco-friendly.

Another benefit of rubber shingles is their ability to be shaped for specific areas on your roof. This is especially beneficial for flat roofs. The elasticity of these shingles makes it possible to get the same look as more expensive roofing materials.

They are also less likely to crack during extreme weather. In fact, they can withstand winds up to 110 mph. This makes them perfect for hurricane-prone regions.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, rubber shingles are easy to repair. Those that are damaged can be cut easily with a utility knife. You can even paint them to mimic other materials.

When installed correctly, they’ll last for up to fifty years. They’re resistant to rust, and they don’t require much maintenance. But you should check them regularly to ensure they’re still in good condition.

Some homeowners find that their rubber roof shingles have a strong odor. This can be a problem for those with respiratory issues. You should clean them with a sponge mop or a spray cleaner. It’s important to rinse them with a hose to remove any excess residue.

It can be a good idea to replace your shingles after ten years. They can be susceptible to fading, and it’s best to keep your roof looking its best.

Some people opt for rubber roofing instead of asphalt shingles, and it’s definitely worth considering. While it’s more expensive, it’s a better long-term investment. Plus, it offers the best protection against fire and heat.

You can find a wide variety of colors and styles for your roof. For example, white-on-black rubber shingles are highly resistant to UV rays.

Spanish roof tiles

If you have a sloping roof, a Spanish tile roof might be the best choice. It can last for years without much maintenance and has a beautiful look. But, it is also expensive.

In addition to the materials, the cost of installation can add up. It is important to get a professional roofing contractor to install your new roof. It is also recommended to have a roofing professional check your roof before the work begins. If there is any damage to the roof, it will be necessary to repair it.

The most important thing to note is that Spanish tile is not a cheap option. It can cost from double the price of asphalt shingles. It is recommended that you choose a reputable roofing contractor to ensure that your Spanish tile roof lasts as long as possible.

The most obvious benefit of a Spanish tile roof is its durability. These tiles can withstand wind speeds up to 125 mph. They can also withstand heavy rainfall. You may even find that these tiles will prevent the spread of flames to other properties.

In addition to its ability to withstand harsh weather, Spanish tile is also energy efficient. These tiles reflect UV rays, which reduces the amount of heat that your home takes in.

Spanish tiles can be purchased in a variety of colors. This is a good way to increase the value of your home.

You can find traditional terracotta tiles for a bright and classic Spanish look. This style of tile is also available in a variety of patterns. It is not as sturdy as other tiles, but it is still an attractive and long-lasting roofing material.

Another choice is metal. Unlike Spanish tiles, these metal tiles are lighter and can withstand high-impact events. They are also durable and can last for 40 to 70 years. They can also reduce cooling costs by 10 to 25 percent.

It is a good idea to consult with your local building codes to find out if Spanish tile is a suitable material for your roof. A reputable roofing contractor will be able to recommend a material that is right for you.

Cedar shakes

If you’re looking for a low maintenance, long lasting and environmentally friendly roofing material, cedar shakes may be the right option for you. It is a natural product that has a lifespan of up to 30 years with proper care. However, you need to do your homework before investing in a cedar shake roof.

Choosing a better quality shake for your home can save you money in the long run. Higher grade shakes can be manufactured with Class A fire ratings, which make them more durable. They are also available in different widths and colors, which gives you a lot of options when it comes to style.

Another thing to consider is the type of climate you live in. In extreme climates, your cedar shake roof may not last as long. You may want to consider an alternative such as a synthetic wood shake. It is not as environmentally damaging, and it is molded to mimic the look of real wood.

As you might expect, the cost of a cedar shake roof is fairly high. Depending on the grade of the material and the type of installation, you might need to spend a couple hundred dollars. In addition, you’ll need to hire an experienced contractor and/or installer. The cost of installing a cedar shake roof is dependent on the size of your house and the number of shingles that you need.

The biggest challenge you’ll face with a wood shake roof is standing moisture. As a result, you will likely have to replace your roof every 10 years or so. This is a good time to check for damage, like cracked or missing shingles.

The best way to determine how much it will cost to install a new roof is to take into consideration the square footage of your home and the number of shingles you need. You’ll need to factor in regional charges at the state and local levels, as well. A small repair could cost between $100 and $400, but a large repair can cost over $1,000.

In addition to the materials you choose, you’ll need to keep your roof free of overhanging limbs. This can prevent airflow and can cause mold. You’ll also need to pay for a land survey to make sure that your property is properly defined.


Slate roofing is a natural material that dates back centuries. It is a material that is durable and resistant to fire. In addition, it provides an environmentally-friendly solution. The material is also water-tight. If the roof is maintained properly, it can last for several generations. Slate roofing can be used for both full and partial roofs.

Slate roofing is a good option for anyone who is concerned with the environment. The material is naturally recyclable, and it will not produce any waste. It also protects your home from outside elements. If you need to replace your existing roof, a slate roof may be the answer for you. It is also a great way to increase the value of your property.

There are two types of slate, soft and hard. Slates that are hard are more resistant to fire, and they can last 75 to 200 years. However, they are also heavier. They can weigh upwards of one thousand pounds per square. So, if you choose to install a slate roof, you should hire a skilled roofer to ensure that the installation is done correctly.

Slate tiles come in a variety of colors. The cost of each tile depends on the size of the tile. It can range from about five dollars to eight hundred dollars for each square. If you decide to purchase synthetic slate, the price will be much lower. These tiles have the same texture and look as the real product, and they are made of rubber.

Slate roofing is usually installed with multiple layers. Each layer is composed of several slates of varying thicknesses. Slates can be as thin as three-eighths of an inch, or as thick as a half inch.

Slate roofing is a popular choice for homes that want to lower their carbon footprint. It is durable and resists hail damage, mildew, and water. It will add value to your home and help you to reduce your insurance premiums. It can also be used for historical homes.

When you’re shopping for a roof replacement, it is a good idea to shop around and get a few estimates. Some contractors will not offer you a written estimate. They will provide you with an estimate based on the square footage of your home. They may require a deadline or penalty if they do not complete the work by the deadline.