recommended roofers near me

Getting a new roof is a big project, so you want to hire recommended roofers near you. You can find a professional roofer in your area through HomeAdvisor. The service offers reviews and photos from previous customers. You can also check out GAF factory certified roofers or Redemption Roofing to find the right company for your job.

HomeAdvisor helps you find a professional roofer in your area

Before hiring a professional roofer, you should be sure to ask the contractor several questions. For instance, you can ask whether they are licensed and bonded, and if they have insurance. It is also important to inquire about their warranty. Lastly, you should get a written estimate. The HomeAdvisor site allows you to search for prescreened roofing pros in your area.

The HomeAdvisor website offers users the option to browse a directory of professionals in their area and request free, no-obligation quotes. Alternatively, users can search for a fixed-price service and pay the professional upfront. This option is beneficial when you’re on a budget and want a roof that looks great for a reasonable price. However, it requires you to agree to receive automatic contact messages from HomeAdvisor. You’ll also get spam mail unless you opt out. If you wish to opt out of these emails, you’ll have to update your notification settings in HomeAdvisor.

It is best to hire a professional roofer who is familiar with the specific style of your roof. While most roofing professionals are knowledgeable in asphalt shingles and other common materials, a specialist will be needed if your roof is made of clay tiles or natural slate. It is also important to check whether a roofer is licensed and insured and can provide references.

Once you have identified three to five potential roofers, you can compare their prices. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, you need to interview at least three of these companies. Check for their insurance, licensing, and worker’s compensation insurance before choosing a roofer. Then, ask them for local references. Some reputable roofers will invite you to inspect their work.

If you’re looking for a roofer in your area, you can use HomeAdvisor’s website to find one. They have listings of local roofers and other home improvement professionals. HomeAdvisor also has a new member program, HomeAdvisor Pro, that’s specifically designed for professionals in home repair. By becoming a HomeAdvisor Pro, you’ll gain access to sales leads from prospective customers.

GAF factory-certified roofers

GAF factory-certified roofers are licensed, trained, and insured professionals who know how to install GAF roofs. These contractors have a proven track record for quality roofing installations, and they offer the best warranties available. If you are looking for a professional who can install GAF roofs, GAF’s lead generation software can help you find a local GAF roofer near you. With GAF Leads, you can receive leads automatically from various sources and prioritize leads with automatic lead scoring. It integrates with GAF Project and a growing number of third-party CRM programs.

Local Services by Google has revolutionized the way that people find local businesses. It presents relevant ads at the top of the page. With the GAF and Surefire Local partnership, you can find GAF certified roofers near you through this program. Additionally, these certified contractors can offer discounts on set-up fees and provide professional roofing installation for Habitat for Humanity homes.

Redemption Roofing

Redemption Roofing and Construction is a reputable, local roofing company that has been in the business for more than 30 years. Whether you need a new roof or storm damage repair, we can handle all of your roofing needs. Redemption Roofing also handles whole house window replacement. We’re here to make sure that you’re happy with the finished product.