rubber roof coating

If you are looking for a better way to protect your home’s roof, consider applying a rubber roof coating. This type of coating prevents leaks and is waterproof, which will prevent fungus and algae from growing. This material also prevents water from pooling. It is also easy to clean.

Butyl 310

If you want to add another layer of protection to your commercial property, you can choose from a variety of butyl elastomeric roof coatings. Not only will this type of roofing protect your property from the elements, but it will also significantly extend the life of your roof system. Leaving your roofing system exposed to weather, sun, and other factors can lead to early failure and expensive repairs.

The waterproofing process begins after your roof has been inspected and the leaks were identified. The seams and penetrations were sealed with AWS Polyester Fabric and Butyl 310. After this, the roof was sprayed with an initial layer of the AWS Butyl Roof Coating. This was followed by a mesh of AWS Fabric, and finally, a final layer of silicone sealer was applied over the entire surface.

Butyl 310 rubber roof coatings are vapor-retardant and offer excellent protection against UV rays. They are particularly beneficial for use over spray polyurethane foam. In addition to protecting against UV rays, butyl membranes also help reduce cooling costs. By reflecting 80-90% of the sun’s rays, this coating helps reduce internal building temperatures, which in turn prolongs the life of your roof.

Butyl 310 is UV-resistant, paintable, and HAPS-free. It also has excellent adhesion to roofing membranes. Moreover, it can be resealed. These properties make it an excellent choice for protecting the roof from harsh weather and natural siphonage.

Liquid Butyl Rubber

A Liquid Butyl Rubber roof coating is a non-thermoplastic material that can be applied to roofs. It has an adhesive surface on both sides and can be applied using a brush, roller, or spray. It will act as a protective shield to prevent cracks and improve the overall lifespan of the roof.

This coating can be applied by a homeowner. It is easy to use and is very durable. It is suitable for all types of roofs, including residential roofs and RV roofs. It is also affordable and easy to apply. Its long life and high resistance to chemicals and acids make it a good choice for houses.

A liquid butyl rubber roof coating is an easy to use waterproofing material that can be applied to a wide variety of roof materials. It is applied over a clean, dry substrate. It can be applied to metal, fiberglass, and concrete bur roofs. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

This material is also great for repairing leaks on boats. It has high water resistance, excellent ultraviolet stability, and excellent flexibility. It also protects boats from corrosion caused by saltwater. A Liquid Butyl Rubber roof coating is an excellent solution for dock facilities because it doesn’t require primer or other corrosion-inhibiting materials. Besides roofs, it is also useful for protecting elevated steel storage tanks. The saltwater exposure causes accelerated corrosion rates in these tanks, and a Liquid Butyl Rubber coating protects them from the corrosive effects of these environments.

When using a liquid rubber roof coating, it is important to follow instructions and directions carefully. The coating should be evenly distributed and applied to the proper thickness. Using too little will result in a thin membrane, while applying too much will result in an overly-thin film. In addition, too much material may cause long-term under-cure and over-swelling in some types of sheet rubber roofs.

Armor Roof Shield

If you’re looking for an excellent rubber roof coating for your home, Armor Roof Shield may be the solution for you. This premium coating offers excellent adhesion, durability, and UV resistance. Unlike other roof coatings, Armor is a two-component product. Its two components are blended together for maximum adhesion and durability.

The company produces several types of ArmorRoof products to best suit your needs. They offer solvent-based, acrylic, and 100% liquid silicone versions to protect your roof. These roof coatings are environmentally friendly, reduce energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, ArmorRoof’s products are backed by a 12-year guarantee!

ArmorThane is an industry leader in the RV roofing industry. Its proprietary blend of nanoparticle technology and a unique water-tight formula forms a protective barrier against fading, water seepage, and drying. It also doesn’t need to be resealed, making it a low-maintenance solution for your RV. Unlike traditional protective coatings, ArmorThane also has minimal impact on the applicator. Moreover, it helps prolong the life of your roof by making it water-tight.


GacoRoof is a 100% silicone roofing coating that creates a seamless membrane and seals existing roofs against leaks and permanent ponding water. It is available in several colors and can be used on sloped and flat roofs. It is an excellent choice for both new and existing roofs on residential, commercial, and mobile homes.

GacoRoof is applied using a 3/4″ nap roller to create a seamless membrane. It seals existing RV roofs permanently, and prevents leaks from occurring. One gallon of the material can cover up to 100 square feet of roof surface. It provides a sturdy base coat that can be topped with a MobileTopCoat for a like-new look.

GacoRoof silicone roof coating is a proven solution for weathered roofs. It forms a seamless membrane that protects against ultraviolet light and permanent ponding water. Moreover, it is flexible and insulated. It is also a great option for flat and radius roofs.