The most reliable roof material is one that is professionally installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Asphalt shingles have long been the go-to choice for durability, cost, and aesthetics. When properly installed, asphalt shingles can last 25 to 30 years or more in good condition with minimal repairs needed along the way. Standing seam metal roofs are another popular choice due to their longevity – a well-maintained metal roof can last 50+ years!

On top of their durability benefits, metal roofs also offer energy efficiency and protection from fire hazards. Clay and concrete tiles are other options that come with many benefits including being resistant to rot, mold, insects, fire, extreme temperatures, and UV rays. They are also aesthetically pleasing due to the variety of colors and textures they can be made into. While heavier than other materials it does not negatively impact most residential structures. Lastly will be composite shingles which are quickly gaining popularity due to their ability to combine the best aspects of both asphalt and ceramic tiles – durable protective covering against the elements at an affordable price point compared to ceramic tiles.

No matter which type of roof you choose for your home or business property always remember it should be professionally installed as improper installation will lead to decreased life expectancy regardless of the quality material used!

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