As a homeowner, it is important to have your roof inspected regularly. Professionals recommend having your roof inspected at least once per year. This should be done more frequently if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, hail storms, or high winds. An annual inspection will allow you to look for any problems that may have developed over the course of the year and make any necessary repairs before they become more serious (and expensive) issues. The main things to check during an inspection include:

• Damage caused by UV rays/sunlight
• Signs of water damage/leaks
• Presence of mold or mildew growth
• Cracks in shingles or tiles due to age and weathering
• Animal damage (think birds, squirrels, etc.)
• Damage from trees nearby that can cause rubbing or breakage on roofs

It’s also important to note that regular inspections don’t just help with roof maintenance–they can also help prevent the spread of fire throughout your home. By inspecting for items like clogged gutters and ensuring proper ventilation throughout attics and crawl spaces–you’ll reduce the likelihood of accidental fires significantly! Unfortunately, not all homeowners are aware of these risks so it’s even more reason why having an annual inspection is essential for keeping your home safe and secure.

Thank you to Fine Design Builders for this information!