The amount of time it takes to install a new roof depends on a variety of factors, including the size and type of roof being installed, the contractor’s experience and expertise, weather conditions, and access to the site. Generally speaking though, professional installation teams should be able to replace an average-sized asphalt shingle roof in 4–7 days.

If you’re installing metal or clay tile roofs (which are heavier than shingles) then installation times may increase slightly. However professionals can typically get even these types of roofs installed in 1–2 weeks if they have all the right materials.

It’s important to note that preparation is also vitally important when replacing your roof. If your existing wood decking has deteriorated or isn’t properly nailed down – or if you’re experiencing significant ice dam issues – then you may need additional work done before your new roof is ready for installation. This extra work could add another 2–3 days onto the project timeline so it’s best to speak with a professional ahead of time who can assess any issues that might arise during the project and provide an accurate timeframe of how long it’ll take for them complete everything according to industry standards.